The L-Box

As mentioned in the previous post, graduating university involves more than ‘just’ finding a job. You also need to get your own mode of transportation (no more using daddy’s company car), and of course your own place to live.

Most people will agree that living in the safe, warm nest that your parents built for you is quite comfortable and above all, cheap. But after the buzz wears off, the time has come for you to spread your wings and build a nest of your own.

I always told myself I would move out of home as soon as I finished university and had found a means to finance it. Whether I was single or not, living alone, with a partner or with friends, moving out was always on the top of my to-do-list. Don’t get me wrong, I loved living at home. Home is where our three beautiful dogs live whom I love and miss very much. Home is where the fridge and cupboards are fully stocked every week and where the cooking is top quality. Home is where the wardrobe space is the largest and where mum does your ironing. Home is… where your parents live. And you often don’t realise what that means until you’ve left.

Left - Cuddle session with Kira and Loes Right - Cara as Shrek

Left – Cuddle session with Kira and Loes
Right – Cara as Shrek

So now I have my own home. My boyfriend and I live in a tiny studio flat that is shaped like the letter ‘L’ in the centre of Ghent. For obvious reasons we call our wee little place “The L-Box”. When you flick through an Ikea catalogue or take the time to wander through the showroom, you will find our L-box setup under the category “small space living solutions”. Yes, we basically live in an Ikea catalogue, but we really do love it. And having a high-sleeper double bed does give you more room for activities! Included below are a few pictures of our place and of Ghent. All pictures of Ghent were taken less than five minutes walk from here. Just to give you an idea of why it is very much worth living in an L-box in the city centre.

Our L-Box

Our L-Box

A few snaps of the City!

A few snaps of the City!

I also bought my own car (see below!). Second-hand, of course. Having a car is not cheap. Insurance and petrol costs never end, but having a vehicle that is registered in your own name makes you feel quite independent.

My Peugot

My Peugeot

I have to say, having your own nest comes with many responsibilities, but they are actually a nice part of growing up and finishing school. And when you start off, having a huge flat and a shiny car is not the most important thing. I’ve really grown to appreciate our small space solutions, and I know that in the future I will be able to appreciate everything I have even more… (cue the violins).

– R.


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